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Solar Deceptions | February 3, 2023

The Truth About Solar Installers: Are Homeowners Being Overcharged and Left with Two Bills?


Are solar installers overcharging homeowners for solar systems, leaving them with two bills? If so, how do they have satisfied customers? And why are these practices not sustainable?” These are questions that have been on the minds of many homeowners who are looking to make the switch to solar energy.

With so many people jumping on the green energy bandwagon, it is important to understand the truth behind the solar industry and what homeowners should expect from their investments.

For years, homeowners have been promised that investing in a solar system will not only lower their monthly energy costs but eliminate them entirely. However, many have found that this is not always the case. In fact, there have been numerous reports of solar installers overcharging for systems and leaving homeowners with two energy bills, instead of one. This raises the question: why do these installers have happy customers if they are overcharging and not delivering on their promises?

The reason is simple: these crafty solar “professionals” simply lower the homeowner’s expectations. They may explain that it is normal to still receive an energy bill after installing a solar system and that it will only be a fraction of what they were paying before. Once the homeowner has lower expectations, they will be happy with overpaying and not eliminating their energy bill. However, this trick only works on a small portion of the population and cannot sustain the industry for much longer.

The fact of the matter is these practices for selling solar are not sustainable. Overcharging for systems and not delivering on promises will eventually lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and a loss of trust in the industry. Not only does this harm the reputation of the solar industry, but it also deters people from making the switch to renewable energy.

Moreover, these unethical practices also perpetuate the false notion that renewable energy is expensive and not worth the investment. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, the cost of solar panels has significantly decreased in recent years, making them more accessible to the average homeowner. Furthermore, investing in a solar system can save homeowners thousands of dollars in the long term.

In conclusion, if solar installers are overcharging for systems and not eliminating homeowners’ energy bills, then they are doing a disservice to both the customer and the industry. These practices are not sustainable and will only lead to decreased customer satisfaction and a loss of trust in the solar industry. Homeowners should expect to receive a high-quality solar system that will significantly lower their energy costs, if not eliminate them entirely.

If they are not receiving this, they should not settle for less. Instead, they should hold their solar installers accountable and demand the best for their investment.

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