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Don't Overpay for Solar Panels in Houston!

Don't overpay by dealing with greedy solar companies that charge dealer fees, have high profit margins and don't install enough panels to eliminate your electric bill. Level 3 Solar makes solar affordable, and we will work to eliminate your electric bill!

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The Solar Panels on My Home Eliminated My Electric Bill!

David explains why he personally believes in solar and how he was able to completely eliminate his electric bill. Contact us to find out how you can also eliminate your electric bill, with no money out of your pocket! His home is in San Antonio, but solar panels can elimitate your electric bill s well.

Click on the image below to see by actual $0 electric bill!

This Customer is Happy with Our Solar Installers in Houston

This customer is saving big on their electric bill with a new solar panel system. Our systems feature home battery systems for severe weather. We have an easy, transparent sign-up and installation process. Get national buying power with local installers.

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Solar Projects Completed by Our Installers in Houston

These are just some of our most recent successful solar installations here in Houston.   

One of the most common fears that homeowners have about going solar is whether the company will actually finish the project in a timely manner as promised. 

We only work with a few local solar installers in the area, utility certified, that we know and trust to get the job done right.

Below are the Reasons Your Power Bill Will Keep Going Higher:

The Texas Grid is Nearly 100 Years Old

After 2021's 'SnowMaggedon', CPS spent millions to fix the problems and raised our electricity rates to cover the cost.

However, experts now warn that the Texas grid is still at risk. To add to this concern, power companies are planning on converting wooden transmission lines to cement or steel, a process known as the 'Hardening of the Grid'.

It will cost millions and guess who's going to pay for this?


The War In Ukraine Caused Electricity Costs to Skyrocket

In 2020, a ton of coal cost $22, but during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it rose as high as $398 per ton. This happened in the summer of 2020. Today, the price of a ton of coal hovers around $200.

Much of the natural gas and coal comes from Russia, and leading up to the war and during the invasion, much of the western world banned Russian fossil fuels. This led to even greater shortages. Much of our natural gas and coal is being sent to Europe, which creates even more shortages here in the United States.

Keep in mind that the war is still raging, and many experts believe it will only get worse, pushing our electric bills even higher.

The Texas Grid Runs Primarily on Natural Gas and Coal

The government is literally at war with the very fossil fuels that power the grid.

Recently the U.S. has restricted or banned the mining of these fossil fuels in many areas. This has triggered shortages and is one of the causes of the rise in electricity costs.

In fact, here in San Antonio power companies are shutting down coal plants.

The Fed has printed $25 trillion dollars since 2008

Many financial experts belive the Fed's wild money creation guarantees hyper inflation.

Hyper inflation is a nightmare scenario that will cause all variable cost to skyrocket beyond the average persons abilty to pay, including your electric bill!

Quantative easing is a Ponzi scheme that will soon collapse like a house of cards!

Will you be prepared? Click here to see a chart that shows the looming dangers

Your electricity bill will keep going higher unless you make the decision to get solar panels in Houston!

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