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Solar Adoption | February 2, 2023

Debunking the Myths: The Benefits of Owning a Solar Home in San Antonio 

Are you one of the many homeowners in San Antonio who is hesitant to switch to solar energy because of the worry of selling your home with a rooftop installation? Do you believe that you will not be able to get enough money to pay off the panels or that you will have to take a loss?  

It is time to challenge what you thought you knew about solar power and understand the benefits of owning a solar home. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about solar power is the worry of paying off the panels when selling your home. Most homeowners do not think about getting the money they pay the electric company back each month when they sell their homes. In the same way, most solar loans are transferable or assumable, meaning that when you sell your home with solar, the buyer can qualify for your loan and assume it, clearing it from your credit. This should put most homeowners’ worries to rest. 

Another benefit of owning a solar home is the ability to nearly eliminate your electric bill. The solar loan has become your new utility payment, but for a microgrid sitting on your roof. The average solar loan has parity with the average electric bill, meaning that over time, the savings from not paying for electricity will offset the cost of the loan. This not only saves you money but also contributes to a greener future. 

It is time to challenge the status quo and realize that going solar is just like switching utilities. It’s a smart investment that can save you money eventually and contribute to a greener future. Do not let myths and misconceptions hold you back from exploring the possibility of going solar. Embrace the change and join the growing number of homeowners who have made the switch and are now reaping the benefits of owning a solar home in San Antonio. 

In conclusion, the benefits of owning a solar home far outweigh the misconceptions and myths that hold homeowners back. The transferable or assumable solar loans, the savings on your electric bill, and the contribution to a greener future make going solar a smart investment. 

Do not hesitate any longer, make the switch to solar energy today and experience the benefits for yourself. 

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