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Switching to Solar | February 2, 2023

Energy Independence: The Story of San Antonio’s Unique Solar Homeowners 

Are you tired of hearing about the negative aspects of switching to solar energy? Do you want to know about the rare few who have had a wonderful experience with their solar installation? Have you considered going solar, but fear the process and cost? This article will shed light on the unique homeowners in San Antonio who have made the switch and are now energy independent.

The over-production of solar panels and batteries has not only saved them money but also allowed them to contribute to a greener future.

The first step in any solar journey is finding the right company to handle the installation. These homeowners in San Antonio did their research and selected a solar company that completed their installation on time and without any hassle. Unlike many others, they did not have to wait for months for CPS to turn on their system. The components of the solar cells, inverters, and battery were all working together seamlessly, resulting in over-production.

The key to these homeowners’ success lies in the monitoring app, anaphase, which shows they are energy independent. This means that they are not “net” importing from the grid, but instead, have a surplus of energy. The over-producing panels and the battery work in perfect harmony, providing a consistent flow of energy and savings on their electricity bill.

Despite their success, these homeowners are not eager to spread the good news. They believe that shocking news travels faster than good news, and that is why most people hear only about the negatives of switching to solar. They do not want to be seen as arrogant, but they do wish more of their fellow neighbors would know about how amazing switching to solar can be. They understand the fear of change and the misconceptions about cost, but they also know the benefits and savings that come with it.

In conclusion, these unique homeowners in San Antonio have set an example for those considering the switch to solar energy. They have found success through proper research, selecting the right company, and utilizing technology to monitor their energy independence. The over-producing panels and batteries have not only saved them money but also contributed to a greener future.

Do not let fear or misconceptions stop you from exploring the possibility of going solar. If you do find success, we encourage you to spread the good news and help others understand the amazing benefits of switching to solar energy.

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