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Hear Ye O Hear Ye, The Clock is Ticking on Affordable Solar Panels in San Antonio! 

I recently sat down with a Homeowner in San Antonio for a solar savings report. After I showed him our quote, he complained that the quotes he received four months ago were cheaper. This illustrates the problem with shopping for solar panels and then procrastinating your decision.

However, the important question you should be asking is why prices on solar panels are jumping so fast they will make your head spin.

Well, I am assuming the role of a town crier to ring my bell and announce to San Antonio the reason this phenomenon is happening.

It is Not High Pressure

Primarily I want to remove the specter that this is just a high-pressure tactic on solar sales representatives. These fast-changing prices on solar panels are also not driven by the greed of solar installers.

Of course, for homeowners who are already gun shy of salespeople it surprising, they would assume they are just making fast-moving prices as a high-pressure tacit.

I do not want to defend most solar panel representatives in San Antonio who do have some deceptive sales techniques, but I want to assure you this is a real problem!

The Cost of Goods

Inflation is the main culprit that makes solar equipment like panels, inverters, combiners, and controllers more expensive. You must realize that the crazy money printer of the fed since 2008, supply-chain shortages, and high gas prices have affected the cost of going solar in San Antonio.

Just to give you a very real sense of how these factors have affected the cost of solar equipment consider the fact that the core cost of solar did not require adding any extra cost for the panels themselves. This cost was included!

Now there is an added cost for each panel we need to add to your system to get 100% replacement of your electricity consumption. I am sure you can imagine how this alone would drive up the cost of goods. However, this is not the only factor that drives up the cost of solar panels in San Antonio.

The Feds Rate Hikes

If the record-high inflation was not enough the Federal Reserve decided to go on a rate hike binge as our economy has never seen. These rate hikes are still going with no end in sight. Over the last four months, solar lenders have had to constantly keep raising their interest rates to keep pace with the Fed.

Four months ago, we could save most homeowners money off their average monthly electric bill with cheap interest rates. Many are finding they will have to pay a small premium to lock in a fixed rate to eliminate their electric bill and be energy independent.

Other residents in San Antonio that use more electricity because they have an electric car, hot tub, or pool pay a higher rate. These homeowners can still save significantly on their average monthly electricity bills.

The Last Word

It is important for San Antonio homeowners to keep in that even with the increasing price of getting solar panels, the cost of electricity is going to keep going Higher! Therefore, if you are currently evaluating a solar proposal, I implore you not to procrastinate. Any price you get today will be better than waiting a few months.

That is why I have become the town crier, “Hear Ye O Hear Ye, The Clock is Ticking on Affordable Solar Panels in San Antonio.

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