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Get Insurance for Your Lifestyle by Getting Solar Panels in San Antonio! 

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Most homeowners have insurance for their car, home, and health. However, have you ever considered that you might need an insurance policy to lock in affordable electricity? This may seem like a strange idea since Texas has always had a cheap and abundant supply of electricity.

However, most homeowners in San Antonio had a rude awakening this summer as many saw their electricity costs skyrocket. The main culprits for this dramatic increase were inflation, and restrictions on fossil fuels along with the banning of Russian natural gas and coal due to the war in Ukraine.

Cheap Electricity is History

The truth is that the cheap electricity we have all relied on for years seems to be ancient history. However, many cling to the belief that these spikes in energy costs, specifically electricity, were just temporary in nature.

However, the stark reality is that the factors which led to the spike have not been mitigated. Many economists believe that inflation is here to stay, and we are still feeling the effects of the supply chain crisis. The fuel that powers the grid is still under attack as the government has banned and restricted mining and publicly said they are at war with fossil fuels.

Risk Still Ahead

The war that led to the banning of Russian natural gas and coal is still raging with daily threats that could pull NATO into the conflict. You see all the factors that caused that spike still poses a direct threat to the Lifestyle of everyone in Texas and San Antonio.

What we experienced over the summer could just be a harbinger of worse things to come. Currently, Europe is suffering from a shortage of natural gas and coal, and they have seen their electricity cost rise exponentially. We are not far off from suffering the same nightmarish energy crisis as Europe.

Dire Warning

These types of spikes could lead to San Antonio homeowners having to ration their electricity. You might have to tell your kids they cannot stream their favorite shows or play Fortnite. Some people may have to turn their air conditioners off in the heat of summertime. Just as in Europe many in San Antonio may not be able to afford to heat their homes during the winter.

These are all very real threats to the lifestyle of homeowners in San Antonio. So why not consider buying solar panels and batteries for your San Antonio home to insure your family’s lifestyle?

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