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Don’t Try to Time Your Entry into Solar Panels in San Antonio! 

Bradley Cooper in Limitless

My favorite Movie of all time is Limitless. While the main character Eddie Morra played by Bradley Cooper can successfully time the stock market (because he uses 100% of his brain) we are told by financial experts to never time the market.

This is sound investment advice for all of us ordinary folks. We are also told that, instead of timing the market, we should buy and hold and buy the dips. This warning against timing the market should also be given to homeowners in San Antonio who believe they can buy solar panels at the perfect time.

Many people tell me they will just wait until the price of electricity dramatically escalates before they go solar.

Do not forget Supply and Demand

While this notion seems to make perfect sense on a surface level it really begins to fall apart under scrutiny.

First, it is important to realize that the cost of goods for solar panels has already dramatically increased due to inflation. However, it is important to consider the larger number of people who are standing on the sidelines waiting for higher electric bills before getting solar panels.

Think about what would happen if all these homeowners decided their cost of electricity had gone too high and all pull the trigger on solar simultaneously. The laws of supply and demand would take over and tip the scales of demand over the available supply of solar panels in San Antonio. This would cause the price of going solar to spike dramatically to 10 times the already rising cost.

Keep in many most of the people that evaluate solar panels decide they are too expensive right now. This means that when everyone in San Antonio wakes up to the reality that they need solar panels they will be pushing the cost completely out of their reach.

Do not Forget about Bandwidth

Right now, it takes between two to three months for a homeowner to get their solar panels installed and go live. While this might seem like a long time keep in mind how few people are currently making the decision to go solar and are in the pipeline.

Now imagine that soon a massive number of people start freaking out about skyrocketing electricity bills and all get in the solar installation pipeline at the same time. You would see the solar installation pipeline get overwhelmed overnight. This would cause the wait time for installations to be pushed out from six months to a year.

In other words, waiting for the right time would mean that homeowners would be stuck paying those soul-crushing electric bills for a year, worst case scenario!

Do not Forget About the Supply Chain

Right now, many solar installers in San Antonio are running out of solar panels and battery backups as they are on backorder. This is happening because the solar industry is still feeling the effect of the lockdowns, supply chain crises, and great resignations.

Now imagine that the massive hoard of homeowners all wants to go solar at the same time. It is not hard to visualize the dramatic increase in demand further exasperating the balance of the already delicate solar equipment supply chain.

The bottom line is that most of the homeowners in San Antonio that try to time the solar panel market will not have any panels available.

Last Word

Unless you have your own private stash of NZT-48 like our hero in Limitless then you might want to avoid timing your entry into the solar panel market in San Antonio. The cost of getting panels instantly becomes exorbitant, the timeline to get installed will take an eternity and there will not even be enough solar equipment.

So, I believe homeowners should heed the financial advice to avoid timing the solar marketing and to buy and hold and especially by the dips.

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