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Have you Delayed Getting Solar Panels in San Antonio Because You Might be Moving? 

This is a valid concern if there is a real possibility that you might be moving in the future. However, it is not really the right question you should be asking. The real question you should be asking is if getting solar panels will help or hurt your chances of selling your home.

There are horror stories of families that had a challenging time selling their homes because of their solar panels. However, after talking to several real estate agents I discovered that most of these people make a series of unfortunate mistakes in the process of getting panels and selling their homes.

Do Not Overpay for Solar

I covered the first issue in a previous blog but will review it here again. If a homeowner overpays for solar in the first place by paying hidden finance fees, then they may be upside down with their solar system.

Homeowners that make this classic mistake will find when they try to sell their home that many buyers do not want to pay extra for overpriced solar panels in San Antonio. However, if you read this blog then hopefully you will not make that mistake.

However, there are some other big mistakes you can make in the buying process that can create difficulty if you sell your home in the future.

Make Sure Everything is Transferable

After you make sure the solar proposal does not have any hidden fees you need to make sure that the warranty, they offer is transferable. You see a future home buyer is not going to want to buy your home with solar panels if this voids the warranty. In fact, this is one of the reasons that homes with solar panels do not sell.

Once you have verified that a solar system’s warranty is transferable then you need to ensure that the loan is also transferable. This is the other unknown reason that creates challenges for homeowners trying to sell their homes. More buyers are opting to simply transfer your solar loan into their name instead of paying a higher purchase price for the home.

These are the three factors you need to keep in mind when you purchase your solar panels in San Antonio if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Get the Right Real Estate Team

However, there are a few important steps you need to follow when you sell your home to ensure the solar panels help sell your home faster and fetch a higher price. First, it is critical that you work with a solar-certified appraiser and a solar-certified real estate agent.

You can rest assured that those homeowners that tell horror stories did not follow any of these steps.

Also, it is important to save all your old electric bills so you can show the difference the solar panels make. This helps you sell the value of your panels. It should be obvious that you should save all the important solar documents as well.

Keep The Present in Focus

Finally, one of the most important things you should keep in mind is that the cost of electricity from the grid will keep going higher while you are still living in your home. If you follow the suggestions in the article, then you should be confident that going solar to lock in a flat rate to protect your lifestyle will only add value to your home when you sell in the future.

Level3 Solar just sold a homeowner in Schertz, TX who is going to be selling his home in three years. He is looking forward to his home selling faster because of his solar panels and recouping his investment. He said he would kick himself if he did not buy solar and electricity prices skyrocket over the next few years, especially if he ended up not moving!

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