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Learn The Ugly Secret Most Solar Companies in San Antonio Do not Want You to Know!

Over a year ago I took the plunge and went solar. After several months of consistently getting zero electric bills and flat solar payments, I decided to help spread the solar revolutions by joining Powur PBC. While I was learning the ropes of how to sell the solar opportunity, I stumbled upon a dark secret that most solar companies don’t want you to know!

The Secret

This happened when one of my prospects complained about how much solar power costs and the huge disparity between financing and paying cash. The difference really troubled me as the drop in the cash price was greater than just the finance charges alone. This prospect became convinced there were hidden costs in our solar proposal.

Later when I presented this dilemma to my mentor, he cleared up the mystery by explaining there are Finance fees other than just interest added to the cost of financing solar. The truth is that these hidden finance fees add enormous costs to most solar proposals and most companies in San Antonio do not want you to know about them.

What is worse, as the Fed keeps raising rates, not only are the interest rates on solar loans increasing but so are the ugly hidden cost! However, if you are reading this blog post you will not be one of the sheep led to the slaughter that ends up overpaying for solar panels.

The Danger

Of course, the is a greater danger of paying these secret hidden charges beyond simply overpaying. First, the higher cost will make the task of paying off your solar loan more difficult and stretch out the all-important payback. However, what is even more important is that this higher cost will make selling your house in the future more difficult.

Federal studies show that adding solar panels can raise the value of your home by 6 percent but if you are paying thirty to forty percent more for solar, through these hidden finance fees, then you will be upside down. Most savvy buyers will not want to pay extra for your overpriced panels.

The Solution

The good news is that these deadly hidden fees can easily be avoided if you know the secret and can identify deceptive solar proposals from companies in San Antonio. The key is to look for what we call in the industry vanity interest rates. These secret fees are related to interest rates far below market norms.

Do not fall for the low vanity interest rates as these will dramatically inflate the overall purchase price. To solve the problem all we need to do is raise the rate to the highest interest rate and you will magically see all these ugly hidden fees shrink or disappear.

If you would like to avoid these hidden feeds and deal with a solar professional that offers a transparent experience, then contact Level3 Solar now!

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