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Uncategorized | December 13, 2022

Beware of Wolf Solar Installers in San Antonio Dressed in Sheep’s Clothing! 

A wolf in sheep’s clothing hunting

If you are just beginning to research going solar then you may not have realized that Installers have started getting a bad reputation. When I started selling solar and knocking on doors in San Antonio and Houston, I started meeting people that told me horror stories about their experience going solar.

It quickly became clear to me that many solar installers were using misleading and employing outright deceptive practices in their sales process in San Antonio. Now I am on a mission to reveal these secrets that solar companies don’t want you to know.

Outright Lies

One of the Homeowners I meet who had solar panels complained that they went solar and now they have both an electric bill and a high solar payment. When I asked her more questions about what the solar installers had promised it became clear they had pulled a fast one.

You see she told me they promised her the solar panels would replace her electricity consumption by 99% which should nearly eliminate her electric bill. It’s clear these rapscallions didn’t calculate this San Antonio homeowner’s consumptions accurately.

In fact, the reality was so far different from what was promised that it’s almost certain that the solar installer altered the numbers to deceive the family into thinking they would save money when this wasn’t true. It’s important to Make sure you calculate your own consumption and double-check all the numbers to avoid falling into this trap.

Deceptive Reasoning

While this next deceptive strategy of these wolf-like solar companies isn’t outright lying but employs using a false theory that will lead to homeowners having two bills, the solar payment, and their electric bill. These solar installers try to convince trusting homeowners in San Antonio that it’s a bad thing to overproduce I.e., too many panels can be a bad thing.

You see the more panels a home needs to eliminate the electric bill means a higher cost that will make it more difficult to sell. If these wolf-like solar installers can convince buyers that it’s a bad thing to eliminate the electric bill entirely then this will require fewer solar panels thereby lowering the overall solar proposal. This practice translates into more sales for these bad actors but leads to a horror story for homeowners in San Antonio when they get their first electric bill.

The Last Word

It’s ironic that several of these homeowners that were tricked still claimed to love the solar sales representative. These Machiavellian solar installers are truly wolves wearing sheep’s clothing that ravenously devour unsuspecting homeowners’ finances in San Antonio. Solar works when it’s represented by a transparent and honest company.

Don’t fall prey to these wolves, do your research!

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