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Do You Play Follow the Leader with Solar Panels in San Antonio? 

Recently a homeowner in San Antonio waved his hand as he directed my attention to the homes on his block. Then he said, “You see most people do not have solar panels and I will only get solar panels in San Antonio when I see everybody else in my neighborhood getting them.

I knew exactly what he was talking about as I remember a lesson, I learned from a book called The Tipping Point. In this book, the author describes a phenomenon that happens at crosswalks when a large crowd is waiting for a signal to change. If one person dares to defy the do not walk sign and bravely steps out, then the rest of the crowd will blindly follow.

We are all playing follow the leader when it comes to making major purchase decisions. The power of this principle really hit home in one neighborhood in Converse, TX when a vast majority of the homes in one neighborhood have solar panels. I discovered while interviewing several homeowners that the panels started to spread like wildfire as more people decided to go solar.

In fact, the truth is that most solar panels are sold because someone they know referred them after they went solar. I personally decided to go solar after one of our friends referred us to the solar provider that signed her up.

However, if you stop and think about it the solar system opportunity in San Antonio has nothing to do with how many people in your neighborhood decide to defy The Grid. The panels either save you money monthly, give you a flat rate, allow you to pay off your power, or prevent power outages or not.

You see the solar panel market in San Antonio breaks down into a handful of leaders and a bunch of followers. Do not wait around for another person to decide the fate of your future lifestyle. In fact, you have a chance to be the leader that everyone in your neighborhood follows to energy independence.

Another reason to consider becoming the leader of your San Antonio neighborhood’s mass adoption of solar panels is that you can profit from the process. Through our partner Powur you can get paid handsomely rewarded. In fact, you can make $1000.00 big ones for every referral you make that signs for solar. You could even use these ambassador funds to pay off your solar panels thereby protecting your family with zero energy cost!

So, it is time to look in the mirror and decide if you are going to be the one that leads your friends and neighbors into solar independence or if are you going to leave your fate in the hands of someone else and let them profit.

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