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What’s the Truth about the Cost of Solar?

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What’s the Truth about the Cost of Solar?

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

Is there an unexpected connection between your monthly electric bill and a solar loan payment? This intriguing question arose during a doorstep conversation with a homeowner in Houston, leading to a revelation that challenged conventional beliefs. The initial shock and disbelief highlight the prevailing resistance to solar truths. How can a random contractor at your door unveil a connection that seems too good to be true? As we explore this question, the surprising reality behind the potential parody between conventional expenses and solar investments will come to light.

1. Skepticism in the Face of Solar Claims: The homeowner’s skepticism in Houston mirrored a widespread resistance to the promises of solar. Trust in the industry often falters, especially when confronted by claims that challenge the norm. The resistance is understandable—allowing a stranger to influence decisions about energy sources can be a daunting prospect. However, it’s precisely this skepticism that sometimes prevents the truth from reaching those who stand to benefit the most.

2. Overcoming Resistance to Solar Truths: Resistance to solar truths stems from various sources, including skepticism and the sheer complexity of transitioning to a new energy source. The challenge lies in breaking down these barriers and allowing homeowners to consider the potential benefits with an open mind. The conversation in Houston revealed that many individuals are unaware of a fundamental truth—the monthly payment for going solar can closely align with their average electric bill.

3. The Dynamics of Solar Quotes: When homeowners receive a solar quote, a revelation often awaits—an unexpected similarity between the monthly payment for solar and their average electric bill. To comprehend this dynamic, it’s crucial to recognize the transformative power of solar panels. If installed in sufficient numbers, these panels can eliminate or significantly reduce the conventional electric bill. This realization adds a new layer of understanding, creating a bridge between familiar monthly expenses and the potential benefits of solar investments.

Conclusion: The question that emerged at the doorstep—Is there parity between a homeowner’s electric bill and a monthly solar loan payment?—finds a surprising answer in the dynamics of solar quotes and panel installations. The initial shock and disbelief give way to a realization that, indeed, there is a tangible connection. The solar loan, with its fixed 25-year term, replaces the ever-increasing electric bill. The potential parity between bills and loans emerges as a key consideration for those contemplating a Photovoltaic energy investment.

Call to Action: To fully grasp the potential benefits of solar investments, it’s essential to embrace the connection between electric bills and solar loan payments. Seek information from reputable solar installers, obtain quotes, and explore the possibilities for your home. The era of solar reality awaits those who are willing to challenge preconceptions, understand the dynamics, and make informed decisions about their energy future.

China Just Attacked the Texas Grid

Friday, January 19th, 2024

In a startling revelation, the Texas Grid recently faced an unprecedented danger—an attack by Chinese hackers. As the aftermath of this cyber onslaught unfolds, the implications for homeowners in Texas become a pressing concern. What does this covert attack mean for the security of the Texas Grid, and how should residents prepare for unforeseen threats beyond the visible aftermath of an Arctic Blast?

1. Covert Cyber Intrusion: Beyond the challenges posed by natural disasters, the Texas Grid now grapples with the aftermath of a cyber attack orchestrated by Chinese hackers. The question arises: how did this covert intrusion occur, and what vulnerabilities does it expose in the grid’s infrastructure?

2. Implications for Homeowners: The immediate impact of China’s cyber attack on the Texas Grid goes beyond power shortages. Homeowners in San Antonio under CPS now face a new set of challenges related to the security and reliability of their energy supply. What does this mean for everyday life, and how can residents navigate the complexities of a compromised grid?

3. Strengthening Home Defenses: In response to this unforeseen threat, the focus shifts to fortifying homes against potential disruptions. Choosing the right Photovoltaic contractor in San Antonio is critical. Homeowners need guidance to enhance their energy security and resilience in the face of covert cyber warfare. What measures can they take, and how can individuals contribute to a more resilient and secure energy infrastructure?

4. Navigating Unseen Threats: As Texas reevaluates its grid vulnerabilities, residents must navigate the unseen threats that lie in the shadows. What steps can be taken to prepare for potential future attacks, and how can individuals contribute to a more resilient and secure energy infrastructure?


With the specter of China’s cyber attack looming over the Texas Grid, the need for proactive measures becomes urgent. Beyond the visible aftermath, residents must equip themselves with knowledge and solutions that transcend the immediate challenges. It’s time to bolster the resilience of homes and communities in San Antonio under CPS, ensuring that the security of the Texas Grid becomes a shared responsibility.

In the face of this unexpected threat, let preparedness and unity pave the way to a more secure energy future. Choose the right solar contractor to guide you through these challenges and fortify your home against unseen threats. Embrace resilience for a brighter and secure energy future in San Antonio

CPS Rates on the Rise in San Antonio Amidst Texas Energy Turmoil 

Monday, January 1st, 2024

 In the scorching landscape of Texas energy, while Houston and Dallas are already feeling the heat with rates boiling over, San Antonio seems to be simmering at a slower pace. But is the City Public Service (CPS) in San Antonio just playing catch-up, and are residents truly shielded from the rate hikes that have hit their big-city neighbors? As we approach February 2024, brace yourselves for the impending rate hike from CPS, the monopolistic electric giant in San Antonio. While other cities have seen rates rise to 17 and 20 cents, is it just a matter of time before the slow cooking in San Antonio reaches a boiling point? Let’s delve into the simmering concerns that might soon leave residents in hot water. 

The Monopoly Game: CPS Rubber Stamps Another Rate Hike 

In the monopoly game of electric utilities, CPS in San Antonio holds a significant piece of the board. Rate hikes are nothing new, and this time, the city has rubber-stamped yet another increase, set to take effect in February 2024. The residents of San Antonio have seen a series of rate hikes, and as history suggests, these decisions rarely favor the wallets of consumers. The question that lingers: Is CPS simply following the footsteps of their deregulated counterparts in Houston and Dallas, where rates have already surged? 

Texas Heatwave: Boiling Rates in Houston and Dallas 

While San Antonio may have been simmering, Houston and Dallas residents are already grappling with boiling rates, reaching as high as 17 to 20 cents. The energy landscape in deregulated markets is facing a perfect storm – a massive influx of new residents coupled with a dwindling supply of on-demand power. Grid operators seem to be struggling to keep pace, evidenced by the continuous shutdowns of coal plants. With the impending EV tax credit in 2024 set to shrink the energy supply even further, the demand for electricity is poised to far surpass the available support. The result? An imminent financial storm with rates ready to skyrocket. 

The Brewing Storm: CPS and the Looming Rate Surge 

As the energy professionals’ term, it, the “on-demand power” in Texas is failing to match the rapid growth, and the consequences could be financially catastrophic. In San Antonio, while the rates may not have hit the boiling point yet, the storm is brewing. The looming surge in rates is more a matter of ‘when’ than ‘if.’ The monopoly game played by CPS may be slower, but the outcome appears to be inevitable. As the demand for electricity outstrips the available supply, San Antonio residents are poised to feel the scalding effects on their wallets sooner rather than later. 


 In the sizzling cauldron of Texas energy, as we approach the CPS rate hike in February 2024, it’s crucial for residents to recognize that the slow simmer may not shield them from the financial storm that’s brewing. While Houston and Dallas are already experiencing boiling rates, San Antonio’s turn seems imminent. The monopolistic practices of CPS, coupled with a rapidly changing energy landscape, create the perfect conditions for a surge in rates. The writing is on the wall, and as the demand for electricity continues to surge, the financial repercussions for consumers are clear – rates are set to skyrocket. 

Call to Action: Beat the Heat with Sustainable Solutions 

Amidst the rising rates and the brewing storm, San Antonio residents have the power to take control of their energy destiny. Consider exploring sustainable solutions like solar energy to reduce dependence on the grid and offset potential rate surges. By adopting energy-efficient practices and investing in renewables, homeowners can beat the heat, protect their wallets, and contribute to a more resilient and sustainable energy future. The time to act is now, before the slow simmer becomes an unavoidable boil. 

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