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Solar Not FREE: But It Doesn’t Cost Extra and You’ll Never Pay Rate Hikes!

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Solar Not FREE: But It Doesn’t Cost Extra and You’ll Never Pay Rate Hikes!

Friday, January 26th, 2024

In a world filled with social media ads promising free solar and mysterious government programs covering all expenses, it’s time for a reality check. The truth is, that solar is not free. Ignore the illusions; installing solar panels involves real costs, including hiring installers and purchasing equipment.

Dispelling the “Free” Myth

Let’s be clear—there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and the same applies to solar. Don’t be swayed by misleading ads claiming no upfront costs or magical government programs. The only tangible financial support comes from the ITC (Investment Tax Credit), not some elusive free ride.

The Reality of Solar Costs

However, the reality of solar costs is far from daunting. On average, the price aligns with your monthly electric bill. The crucial difference is that, with solar, you’re not dealing with two bills. Solar panels have the power to eliminate or significantly reduce your electricity consumption, translating future bills into a fixed monthly cost—often as low as $9.00.

Freedom from Rate Hikes

Here’s the game-changer: while it’s not free, solar offers a shield against future utility rate hikes. Once you lock in a fixed monthly payment for energy, you bid farewell to the anxiety of rising utility costs. Your future bills remain stable, providing financial security and peace of mind.

Embracing the Truth

In the realm of solar, truth trumps fiction. It’s time to embrace the reality of solar costs, understanding that the investment pays off not only in immediate savings but also in long-term financial security. Say goodbye to the fear of rate hikes in San Antonio and hello to a future where solar ensures both environmental sustainability and economic stability. The truth is indeed better than fiction.

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