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Solar Financing | March 12, 2023

Why Going into Debt for a Solar Install May Be Good Debt! 

As more and more homeowners in San Antonio turn to solar energy to power their homes, one question remains: is solar debt worth it? Many people are hesitant to take on debt to secure a rooftop solar array on their homes. However, the truth is that not all debt is created equal. In fact, in many cases, solar financing may be the best debt you have ever carried. In this article, we will explore why homeowners should consider the benefits of solar loans and how they can be a smart financial decision.

Considering the Value of Your Home without Electricity

Have you ever considered what your home would be worth without access to electricity? With rolling brownouts and blackouts becoming more common, and utilities moving away from coal and natural gas, there is a real possibility that many people will be left without power in the coming years. This means that even if you do not experience the nightmare scenario of widespread blackouts, you could still face skyrocketing electricity costs and inflation. In this context, solar debt may be a smart investment in your family’s lifestyle and security.

The Value of Good Debt

While no one wants to carry debt, there are certain types of financing that can be beneficial. For example, taking out a loan to invest in your education or start a business can ultimately increase your earning potential and improve your financial situation over time. Similarly, investing in a solar installation can save you money on your electricity bill and increase the value of your home in the long term.

The Social Value of Solar Loans

In addition to the financial benefits of solar debt, there is also a social value to consider. As sustainability becomes an increasingly crucial factor in our society, having a solar system can give you a good social score. This means that in addition to saving money on your electricity bill, you may also be helping to improve your community’s perception of your household.

The Power of Referrals

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of solar debt is the potential to earn money through referrals. With Level 3 Solar, for example, you can earn $1000 for referrals that switch to solar. This means you can earn enough to pay off your solar installation in a few years, eliminating the debt and securing free solar energy for your family.

In conclusion, while many homeowners may be hesitant to take on debt to secure a rooftop solar array, solar debt can be a smart financial decision. With the potential to save money on your electricity bill, increase the value of your home, improve your social score, and even earn money through referrals, solar debt may be the best debt you ever carry. So why wait? Consider contacting solar installers today in San Antonio and securing a brighter, more sustainable future for yourself and your family.

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