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Solar Company News | February 22, 2023

The Need for a Hippocratic Oath for Solar Companies 

When it comes to solar installation, homeowners expect to see a significant reduction in their energy bills, if not eliminate them altogether. However, many solar companies offer packages with a limited number of solar panels, resulting in only a partial reduction of the homeowner’s electricity consumption. With degradation and the rising cost of electricity, this limited reduction can skyrocket, leaving homeowners in San Antonio with bills, they cannot afford. It begs the question, why do solar installers sell homeowners partial solutions instead of full energy independence?

It is common for solar businesses to sell homeowners a specific package of solar panels with a corresponding amount of electricity offset. For example, a package may include ten solar panels with the promise of reducing the homeowner’s electricity bill by 60%. While this may seem like a significant reduction, it leaves homeowners with 40% of their original bill. This is where the problem arises. The cost of electricity continues to rise, and with the degradation of the solar panels, the homeowner’s 40% can easily increase to 60% or more, ultimately making the package worthless.

Homeowners expect solar businesses to provide them with a complete solution to their energy needs, not just a partial solution. The solar industry should strive to give homeowners only one option, either full energy independence or no electric bill at all. Achieving energy independence is possible through the overproduction of solar energy, coupled with an energy storage system, such as a battery. The technology is available, and it’s a matter of installing enough solar panels and battery storage to meet the homeowner’s energy demands, regardless of their location.

The implementation of a Hippocratic oath for solar businesses could ensure that they provide homeowners with only the best possible solutions. A solar Hippocratic oath could require solar businesses to swear to the best of their ability to sell homeowners enough solar panels to eliminate their electric bill or achieve energy independence. This would eliminate any confusion and ensure homeowners receive the best service possible.

The solar industry has a responsibility to provide homeowners with complete energy solutions, not partial solutions that may eventually lead to financial instability. The implementation of a Hippocratic oath for solar companies could ensure that homeowners in San Antonio receive only the best possible solutions to their energy needs. It is time for the solar industry to take the necessary steps to make energy independence possible for every homeowner, and a Hippocratic oath could be the solution. Let us call for the licensing of solar businesses and the implementation of a solar Hippocratic oath, for the benefit of homeowners and the planet.

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