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Legacy Solar Contractors | January 19, 2024

Should You Trust Legacy Solar Contractors?

In the realm of solar energy, a perplexing question emerges—should you trust legacy solar contractors? The paradox lies in their prominence as the largest and oldest entities shaping the solar landscape in San Antonio. However, beneath the surface, these legacy installers harbor age-old notions about solar power. Join us on a journey to unravel the intricacies of trusting these industry giants, as we navigate through seemingly beneficial practices that may have underlying implications for your solar investment. 

Legacy Ideas in the Modern Era:

While legacy installers boast vast experience and stature, their ideas about solar power may be stuck in the past. A recent revelation unveils a startling practice—one legacy company proudly proclaimed a 40% reduction in a client’s electric bill. But does this boast conceal a significant flaw? The legacy mindset often fails to grasp that a bill reduction doesn’t equate to eliminating future expenses as utility rates continue to rise. How can you trust a legacy approach that prioritizes short-term savings over long-term energy independence? 

Overproduction Stigma:

Legacy solar contractors cling to the notion that overproducing power is undesirable. In their interpretation, this translates to not eliminating your current energy consumption. The consequence? These installers shy away from maximizing the potential of your rooftop, leaving you with a system that falls short of eliminating your energy bills. Can you trust a legacy approach that, instead of encouraging energy independence, indoctrinates customers to settle for a mere reduction in consumption? 

Trustworthiness of Online Reviews:

As we contemplate trusting legacy solar contractors, a critical aspect comes to light—the credibility of online reviews. With an abundance of positive testimonials, these legacy companies may seem reliable. However, the question arises: can you truly trust reviews tainted by a paradigm that prioritizes short-sighted bill reductions over the long-term benefits of solar independence? 

Financial Pitfalls:

Another aspect casting doubt on legacy trustworthiness is their penchant for finance vendors that impose hefty dealer fees on solar loans. The consequence is an inflated cost for solar installations. Are you willing to trust a legacy approach that not only hinders your energy independence but also elevates the financial burden of going solar? 


In the realm of solar contracting, trust is a delicate balance between legacy stature and forward-thinking innovation. The question remains—can you confidently trust legacy solar contractors with your energy future? The danger to the solar industry looms if residents in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas continue to embrace outdated practices. The choice lies in discerning between tradition and evolution for a solar journey that guarantees lasting benefits. 

Call to Action:

Look beyond legacy norms—consider newer, forward-thinking solar contractors who prioritize energy independence over short-term savings. Choose a partner who aligns with the modern era of solar innovation, ensuring not only a reduction in bills but a genuine path toward energy freedom. Your choice today shapes the future of solar in Texas. Embrace the evolution for a solar journey that transcends legacy limitations. 

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