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Solar News | March 21, 2023

Why Buying Your Own Solar Equipment May Not Be the Best Idea 

As the world is moving towards a cleaner energy future, an increased number of homeowners are considering switching to solar power. However, the cost of installing a solar panel system can be quite high, leaving many homeowners in San Antoino wondering if they should buy their own solar equipment instead. While the idea of buying your own solar equipment might seem appealing, it can lead to more problems than solutions. In this article, we will explore why buying your own solar equipment may not be the best idea.

You Might End Up Buying the Wrong Equipment 

One of the biggest risks of buying your own solar equipment is that you might end up buying the wrong equipment for your needs. Most homeowners who buy their own solar equipment have the idea of powering their HVAC system or running their home completely off the grid. However, without proper knowledge and guidance, you might end up with equipment that is not suited to your needs. For example, you might end up with string inverters and old-style chain batteries, which might not be able to provide enough power for your home. 

Finding Someone to Install Your Solar Equipment Can Be Difficult 

Even if you manage to buy the right solar equipment, finding someone to install it can be a challenge. Most contractors spend their money on equipment, financing, and installation, and they are not interested in losing two-thirds of their profit. This means that they might not be willing to install the solar cells you purchased on your own. 

Connecting Solar Equipment to Your Utility Connection Must Be Done by a Licensed Electrician 

Connecting your solar system to your utility connection must be done by a licensed electrician in the state of Texas. However, most of the time, electricians who install solar equipment purchased by homeowners are not familiar with the guidelines that utilities have for connecting solar. This can lead to failed commissioning, where the utility repeatedly fails the system. In some cases, the changes required might be so extensive that the system is never commissioned or turned on by the utility. 

Do not Make the Mistake of Buying Your Own Solar Equipment 

In conclusion, while buying your own solar panels might seem like a clever idea, it can lead to more problems than solutions. It is important to keep researching solar businesses or realize that some of your ideas about solar might not be practical. The last thing you want is to have a garage full of solar cells collecting dust. If you are serious about switching to solar power, it is best to work with a reputable solar company that can guide you through the process to help you find the right equipment for your needs. Switching to solar power in San Antonio can be a great investment, but only if it is done correctly. 

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