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Solar Myths | March 22, 2023

The Pros and Cons of Employed vs. Independent Solar Installers in San Antonio

With the rising popularity of renewable energy sources, many homeowners in San Antonio have made the switch to solar. However, a common concern is whether the solar company has its own installers or outsources the installation process to independent contractors. Which option is better?

The Importance of a Smooth Installation

The installation of a solar system is a crucial step in the process, and many issues can arise during this phase. From incorrect placement to faulty wiring, any mistake can lead to serious consequences. Homeowners are right to worry about who is installing their solar panels and whether they are qualified to do the job correctly.

The Gold Standard

It is often assumed that a solar company with its own installers is the gold standard. These workers are directly employed by the company and can be held accountable for any issues that arise during the installation process. However, this assumption may not always be accurate.

Overworked staff

The truth is that solar companies with employed workforce can run into problems if they do not have enough electricians to cover the workload. In some cases, they may overextend their installers, leading to delays or shoddy workmanship. If a project encounters issues that could take a long time to fix, it may be put on hold, and the installer will move on to the next job. This can leave homeowners with incomplete or faulty systems.

The Benefits of Independent Contractors

Outsourcing to independent contractors can offer some advantages. For example, if the solar company is short-staffed, it can bring in additional qualified contractors to help with the workload. At Level 3 Solar, we only work with certified contractors approved by CPS or the local utility. This way, we can ensure that our customers receive high-quality work and that their solar systems are installed safely and efficiently.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

Working with independent contractors also allows for greater flexibility and responsiveness. If a project is behind schedule or encountering issues, we can quickly replace the underperforming contractor with a more capable one. This way, we can ensure that the project stays on track and meets its deadlines.

Moreover, outsourcing to independent contractors can also help solar installers scale their operations up or down, depending on the demand for their services. They can hire more contractors during busy periods and reduce their workforce during slower times, which can help them to manage their costs effectively. Overall, outsourcing to independent contractors can provide a range of benefits, including flexibility, responsiveness, and the ability to maintain exacting standards of work.

The Last Word

In conclusion, outsourcing to independent contractors can offer several advantages to businesses, particularly in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, and maintaining high standards of work. However, it is important to ensure that the contractors are qualified and certified, reliable, and professional. At Level 3 Solar, we work with certified contractors approved by CPS or the local utility, which allows us to ensure the quality and safety of our installations. For homeowners in San Antonio that work with solar installers that use independent contractors they can count on their project being finished on time, with the high-quality installation they will be happy with.

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