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News About Solar Panels | March 25, 2023

Choose, But Choose Wisley the Wrong Solar Systems Could Spell Disaster 

Are you a homeowner in San Antonio who wants to save money on electricity bills by installing a solar system? If so, you may have started researching different solar businesses and arrays. But did you know that choosing the wrong panel could spell disaster? With limited roof space and high electricity consumption, picking the right solar equipment is crucial. Unfortunately, not all solar salespeople are equipped to handle this challenge. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the right photovoltaic technology for your home. 

Understanding the Key Differences Between Solar Cells 

The key difference between solar cells is how much kWH they produce and how much they cost. When comparing solar panels, it is important to look at the efficiency rating, which measures how much electricity the panel produces for every square meter of sunlight it receives. However, it is not just about efficiency – it is about cost-effectiveness. You want to choose solar equipment that produces the most power for the money. 

The Special Need for Limited Roof Space and High Electricity Consumption 

When there is limited roof space and a homeowner has a high electricity consumption, this creates a special need. In this situation, you need a solar array that produces the most power for the least amount of money. However, many solar organizations are not educated enough to meet this challenge. As a result, many homeowners suffer from inferior performance and low energy savings. 

Why Qcell is the Best Choice 

Currently, the solar manufacturer Qcell produces solar cells that produce 400 kWH – the most power for the least amount of money. If you switch away from Qcell on a solar design and replace it with another panel, the replacement will go all the way down to 80% from 100% with Qcell. Choosing the best equipment out of all the solar systems available can make an enormous impact on your overall satisfaction and savings. 

Choosing the Right Solar Business 

Of course, choosing the right solar panel is only half the battle. You also need to choose a knowledgeable, honest, and transparent solar installer when researching. This ensures that you get the right equipment that will eliminate your electric bill. Otherwise, you might get stuck paying two bills – a significant electric bill and your solar loan payment. This is the nightmare that many homeowners find themselves in. 


In conclusion, if you are a homeowner who wants to save money on electricity bills, installing solar systems is a great option. However, you must choose the right solar technology for your home’s needs and choose the right solar company to ensure you get the most savings. Remember, it is not just about efficiency – it is about cost-effectiveness. So, take the time to research and choose the best photovoltaic technology and installer for your home. 

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