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Solar News | February 4, 2023

The Solar Struggle: Navigating HOA Approvals for Rooftop Solar Installations in San Antonio 

HOA – Homeowners Association acronym, business concept background

Are you tired of dealing with roadblocks when trying to switch to clean energy? Do you live in a community managed by a Homeowners Association (HOA) that seems to be hindering your efforts to install rooftop solar panels? Unfortunately, not all HOAs (Homeowner Associations) are created equal, and some can make the process of going solar a real headache. But what if we told you there are some HOAs that are helping homeowners install rooftop solar?

Quick and Easy Approvals: The Key to a Seamless Solar Experience

The HOAs that are enormously helpful to homeowners are those that are quick to approve the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) solar designs. These HOAs understand the importance of renewable energy and are eager to make the process as easy as possible for their residents. One way they do this is by mailing the approval letter directly to the homeowner. This not only saves time but also allows the homeowner to quickly forward the approval to their solar installer so that they can proceed with the installation.

Regressive HOAs: A Barrier to Clean Energy Adoption

On the other hand, there are those regressive HOAs that are more interested in maintaining the status quo and upholding outdated energy systems. They refuse to mail the approval letter, instead sending a link for the homeowner to log in to the HOA portal and download the letter themselves. This is where it becomes clear that they are not deeply committed to promoting clean energy. For example, the Spectrum Management HOA is known for this behavior. Despite being part of a 100-year-old grid that has caused loss of power and even death due to exposure, they still refuse to embrace solar energy. This is also evident in their payment system, where they easily email a direct link to the bill and do not require homeowners to log in to the portal to pay their HOA fees.

Leading the Way: The Alamo Management Group

In contrast, the Alamo Management Group is a shining example of an HOA that is helping homeowners go solar. They simply mail the actual approval letter to the homeowner, making it easy for the solar company to start the installation process faster. This is a testament to their commitment to promoting clean energy and making the transition to renewables as seamless as possible.

The Power of Choice: Vote Out Regressive HOAs

In conclusion, it is important to know that not all HOAs are the same. Some are quick to approve solar installations and make the process as easy as possible, while others are more interested in maintaining the status quo and promoting outdated energy systems. If you live in an area where a regressive HOA like Spectrum Management is in charge, it is time to make a change. Exercise your power to choose and vote them out. Support HOAs like Alamo Management Group which is leading the way in promoting clean energy and making the transition to renewables a breeze.

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