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Solar News San Antonio | February 17, 2023

Making the Right Choice: How to Select the Best Solar Installers for Your Home 

Should homeowners in San Antonio rely on their own research to pick a good solar company? With the ever-increasing costs of electricity and a growing concern for the environment, many people are switching to solar energy as a sustainable and cost-saving solution. The question remains, however, whether relying on one’s own research is the best way to find a reliable and cost-effective solar company.

The problem with online research

On the surface, it makes sense to conduct your own research when looking for a solar company. The internet is awash with information on solar panels, installation services, and equipment costs. However, if you do not have knowledge about the solar industry, you may be led off course when doing your research online.

The problem is that many of the services that present themselves as research tools to learn about solar systems and installers are owned by solar businesses. As a result, the solar businesses they recommend are the ones these websites want you to choose. This means that you are not really going to learn the truth about the solar industry but rather only what these companies want you to hear.

The downside of relying on recommended companies

These are the solar providers that charge the highest prices for solar panels because they spend so much money on marketing. You will not learn about the dealer fees that you should avoid or the need to overproduce. Of course, if you try to overproduce with the added cost of dealer fees it will seem cost prohibitive.

The better alternative

In reality, you are far more likely to get a good deal from someone knocking on your door than if you spent weeks doing your research online. Instead of relying on online research, it is advisable to ask your family, friends, and neighbors for referrals. Often, the people around you have had experiences with solar companies and can give you their unbiased opinion.


In conclusion, while doing your research online may seem like a logical way to find a solar company, the reality is that it may not be the best option. The online tools that recommend solar providers often have a conflict of interest and may not give you an accurate representation of the market. Instead, it is advisable to rely on personal recommendations from people you know and trust. Doing so will help ensure that you get a reliable and cost-effective solar company that will provide you with the best possible service. As we continue to navigate the environmental and economic challenges of our times, it is important to make wise choices about how we power our homes, and the right solar company can help us do just that.

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