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Solar News San Antonio | February 16, 2023

Are Solar Companies Truly Invested in Homeowners After the Sale? 

As more homeowners in San Antonio make the switch to solar power, a growing concern arises about whether solar companies are genuinely committed to their customers after the sale. From my own experience, I can tell you that once my solar agreement was signed, I never saw my solar representative again. When I ran into problems, they were of no help, and I never heard from them again. Do solar businesses genuinely care about their customers, or is their focus solely on selling solar panels?

False Promises

One of the biggest issues that arise when dealing with a solar company is that they tend to make false promises about their products’ production value and what is covered under the warranty. Some salespeople will promise that their solar panels will generate more energy than they do, leading to disappointment when homeowners receive their first electricity bill. Moreover, some solar organizations will not cover certain damages, such as hail strikes, in their warranty. They might tell homeowners their warranty will cover everything, but there are many exclusions.

The Cost of Solar Power

Another concern is that homeowners are often led to believe that installing solar panels will result in no more electricity bills. Unfortunately, that is not the case if your system is NOT designed to overproduce solar energy. Although solar power can significantly reduce your electricity bill, you will still receive one every month. Moreover, homeowners are usually unaware of the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of solar cells.

The After-Sale Experience

Most solar companies do not have a proper after-sale support system, and many customers feel abandoned once the deal is done. When issues arise, such as hail damage to the panels, the warranty may not cover it, leaving homeowners with costly repairs. The solar company that sold the panels may not offer any assistance, as their focus was merely on making the sale, and the experience or outcome for the customer was not a priority.


In conclusion, homeowners in San Antonio need to be aware of the false promises made by solar installers and be mindful that solar power comes with some associated costs. It is crucial to research companies and read their reviews before signing a contract. Moreover, it is essential to have an after-sale support system to help address any issues or concerns. If you are looking to switch to solar power, it is essential to find a company that is committed to its customers and is willing to help with any issues or concerns that may arise. Do not be afraid to ask questions and ensure that you have a complete understanding of what the company is offering. In the end, the goal is to have a successful and stress-free experience with solar power.

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