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Unlocking the Secrets of Free Energy: How Tesla’s Vision Can Become a Reality Today

Have you ever wondered about the possibility of free energy? What if I told you that it was not only possible but that it had been discovered and developed over a century ago by none other than the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla?

But, as with many revolutionary ideas, those with vested interests in the status quo worked to suppress Tesla’s discoveries, even going as far as to burn down his laboratory and ultimately leading to his untimely death. 

But what if I also told you that there is still a chance for us to achieve Tesla’s dream of free energy for all? The key to this lies in harnessing the power of solar energy. With the advancements in technology, solar panels have become more affordable and accessible than ever before.  

But the full cost savings come from not having to pay dealer fees that can wildly inflate the cost of solar panels. This means that if you can get enough panels to eliminate your electric bill, you can have free energy for your home. 

But it does not stop there. By using the power of giving permission, as outlined in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, you can refer your friends, neighbors, and work associates and get paid $1000 per referral. With enough referrals, you can pay off your solar system and have free energy not just for yourself, but for those around you as well. 

However, there are still those who are working to keep the window of opportunity for free energy closed. The “evil grid” and those who profit from it, are determined to make sure that people continue to pay for the electricity they need and will stop at nothing to maintain their power. 

But we cannot let them succeed. We must continue to strive for Tesla’s dream of free energy for all. With the power of solar energy and the power of giving permission, we can achieve this goal and break free from the constraints of the outdated and oppressive system that is holding us back. It is time for us to take control of our energy future and make the dream of free energy a reality. 

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