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Understanding Solar Derangement Syndrome: Why Some San Antonio Residents Fear Going Solar!  

When it comes to making the decision to go solar, some residents in San Antonio seem to have what I like to call “Solar Derangement Syndrome.” This is a phenomenon where homeowners have a different standard in the way they look at solar energy versus energy from the grid. 

For example, when a homeowner sells their house that had been paying for electricity from the grid, they do not try to recoup that money from the sale of their house. Everyone would agree that this would be crazy or totally deranged.  

Similarly, you do not ever see any threads about homeowners obsessed with the idea of paying off their utility bills. However, for some strange reason, when homeowners evaluate the solar opportunity, they obsess over the idea of getting their money back from their solar panels and paying the cost of the panels off or getting a payoff. 

This is a major misconception that can prevent homeowners from going solar. The cost of going solar is around the cost of your average electric bill and requires no down payment. When you sell the house, the buyer can just assume the solar loan. This means there is no reason to worry about getting your costs back because you should just write off the solar payments like you would your electricity bill. 

I hope that when homeowners read this and have solar derangement syndrome, it can help them adjust their mindset and prevent the need for a psychiatrist. It is important to remember that solar energy is just like electricity from the grid, the only difference is that you are renting power from the grid and installing power production on your home with solar. It is time to change the way we think about solar energy and start looking at it as a viable option for powering our homes. 

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