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Should You Overproduce Solar Energy: Don’t Be Misled by False Claims in San Antonio

Solar energy is a powerful and sustainable way to power your home, but are you being misled about the importance of overproducing energy from your solar panels? Many solar installers use scare tactics to convince homeowners that overproducing energy is a danger, but the truth is that overproduction is essential for long-term energy security.

First, it is important to understand that solar panels degrade over time. This means that their efficiency decreases, and they produce less energy over time. Without overproduction, your electric bill will slowly increase over a 25-year period. This is especially true in a city like San Antonio, where electricity prices are known to rise.

Another false claim made by some solar companies is that overproduction means 100% replacement of your current electrical consumption. However, overproduction actually means producing more than 100% of your energy needs. This means that even if a solar company proposes a 90% or 80% replacement, you will still have a significant electric bill from day one when your solar system goes live.

This deception is dangerous as it gives homeowners a false sense of security. The only real energy security comes from overproducing with your solar panels. This will ensure that even as your solar panels degrade and electricity prices rise, you will still have enough energy to power your home.

In conclusion, when considering solar energy for your home, it is important to understand the danger of not overproducing energy from your solar panels. Do not be misled by false claims from solar companies and make sure you are truly producing more than enough energy to power your home. San Antonio homeowners should be especially mindful of these risks and consider overproduction as a top priority when investing in solar energy.

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