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Is Choosing a Solar Company with Outsourced Installers a Bad Decision in San Antonio?  

Solar panel installers working on a roof

Many homeowners believe that it is better to work with a solar company that employs their own solar installers, as it is often thought that solar companies that use outsourced installers cannot be trusted. However, if you are willing to consider other perspectives, it is worth questioning this assumption. Here are some questions to consider when evaluating this issue:

Do the solar installers have current experience following the regulations of the local utility company?

It is crucial to verify that the solar installers who will be working on your home have experience complying with the rules and regulations set by the local utility company. This is particularly important because many solar installation issues and failures occur when the installers are unaware of these regulations. It is not relevant whether the installers are employees of the solar company or contractors. What matters is that they have the knowledge and experience to properly follow these guidelines.

Are the solar installers certified by the utility company?

An important consideration is whether the solar installers on your project are certified by the local utility company. It is not relevant whether they are employees or contractors, but whether they have satisfied the certification requirements and been approved by the utility. If they have been certified, it means that the utility has deemed them trustworthy and competent, and they should be considered reliable.

How many licensed electricians does the solar company have on their team?

A solar company may claim to have its own in-house installers, but this does not necessarily mean that it will be able to complete your project quickly. A more relevant question to ask is how many licensed electricians the company has on staff. Many local solar companies only have one electrician, which can limit their capacity for taking on new projects and result in a backlog of unfinished work. On the other hand, solar companies that work with certified contractors may have access to a larger pool of electricians and potentially be able to complete projects more efficiently.

What are the ethical practices of the solar installers who will be working on your project?

I have witnessed firsthand how in-house solar installers can display questionable work ethics, such as taking frequent breaks to watch sports or quitting work as soon as it starts to rain. However, I have also seen similar behavior from contractors. It is important to evaluate the business ethics of the installers who will be working on your solar panel installation in San Antonio, regardless of whether they are employees or contractors. If a solar installation crew has strong ethical practices, it should not matter whether they are in-house or contractors.

Last Word

It is important to keep an open mind as you consider various solar companies and determine which one to trust for your solar installation project. Asking the questions mentioned above and considering all relevant factors may lead you to the conclusion that working with a solar company that uses contractor installers is not only acceptable but potentially the best choice for a successful solar installation experience.

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