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Don’t Trust Greedy Solar Installers in San Antonio or Houston! 

One of my favorite childhood memories is of the greedy con artists in the movie Pete’s Dragon. The scene in the movie when Dr. Terminus and Hoagy dance and sing about all the money they will make by killing the Dragon just stuck in my head. Unfortunately, the image of these two ne’er-do-wells always pops into my mind when I think about solar installers in San Antonio. Can you really trust the average solar consultant to offer an affordable solution?

Money by the Pound

Well, I just came back from a Solar sales conference in California, and I was surprised to see each speaker brag about how high their margins on when they sell solar. It seems like each sales trainer was trying one-upmanship with the other by telling stories about how they charge exorbitant margins on solar sales.

For a moment it could almost see these guys morphing into Dr. Terminus and Hoagy and then breaking out into song singing, “money, money, money by the pound.” I had to pinch myself to make sure I was dreaming, and I had to realize most but not all solar Installers in San Antonio and Houston are greedy ne’er-do-wells that shamelessly markup prices.

Profits over Panels

You might ask how these flim-flam artists can get away with charging such insane prices for solar panels. When you might be surprised that they use misdirection, and they will distract you when they calculate your electricity production from your utility bill.

All they must do is lower your total production figures so that the panels’ cost will go down and this will allow them to raise their margins higher. The problem with this tactic is that when the smoke clears on your installation you will end up having two bills. You will have to pay the inflated cost of the solar panels and will still have to pay a significant electric bill.

I call that a solar installer’s horror story and this is exactly the series of unfortunate events many homeowners in San Antonio and Houston fear.

You do not want to deal with solar installers who hoop, holler, and hype up how high their margins are, do you? Therefore, I should choose your solar installers; but choose carefully!

Fear Tactics

They brainwash people into worrying about sending the utility too many credits from ‘overproducing’ solar panels. The idea is that the Power company ends up getting more energy from you than they give back in the form of credits.

Their insane solution is to install fewer solar panels so that you end up paying the utility company more of your hard-earned dollars. This sure sounds to me like the cure is a lot worse than the disease. Of course, their true intention is to add more profit margin in place is the reduced panel cost of goods.

The stratagem of using fear tactics is probably the most successful as it is employed by a large majority of solar installers in San Antonio and Houston. They try to scare homeowners with the idea that the overproduction of solar energy is a dreadful thing.

The Truth

Because of a phenomenon known as degradation where the power of panels slowly declines over 25 years, you should be overproducing!

Honestly, I do not know how these greedy solar installers in San Antonio and Houston can sleep at mighty knowing they deceive so many homeowners.

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