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Do not Be Like the Adults in “Big”: Avoid Lazy Solar Installers and Get the Right Number of Panels! 


When it comes to solar installation, the process can often seem like the classic movie “Big,” in which a young boy wishes to become an adult and suddenly finds himself in the body of Tom Hanks. Just like the adult version of the boy in the movie, solar installers have the power to make a massive impact on a homeowner’s energy consumption and costs.

However, just like in the movie, where Tom Hanks’ character was told to slow down and be lazy by his coworkers, laziness in the solar installation process can lead to serious problems for the homeowner and the solar industry.

Lazy Solar Installers

In the movie, Tom Hanks’s character starts working diligently in his new job at a toy company, but his coworkers tell him he is working too hard and making them look bad. In the same way, the corporate office for solar installers can also fall victim to laziness. They often use satellite data to determine the slope of a homeowner’s roof, the amount of shade, and how many panels will fit, but this laziness in the data collection process can lead to the representatives recommending too few panels for the homeowner’s needs.

This problem can be easily fixed by the solar installer requesting a revision of the proposal and asking for more panels. However, this takes more time and effort, and many solar representatives are too lazy to do so. Additionally, there might be a little greed involved as well since more panels make the solar proposal more expensive.

The Consequences Of Laziness

However, the real problem is laziness in the solar installation process, and it will have dire consequences for the homeowner. When the solar representatives recommend too few panels, it means the homeowner will not be able to fully replace their electricity consumption with solar power. As a result, the homeowner will have to pay two bills, keep paying their electric bill and the new solar payment, which can be very frustrating. Not only that, but this can also lead to the homeowner feeling misled, disappointed, and feeling like they wasted their money on solar installation.

Additionally, this problem will only get worse as the solar panels degrade over time and produce less electricity. The solar panels are expected to last for 20-25 years on average, but as they age, their efficiency decreases, meaning they produce less electricity and the homeowner will have to rely more on grid power, and this can increase their electricity bill and decrease the savings they were expecting to achieve. This can be a nightmare scenario for homeowners, which can lead to dissatisfaction with the solar installer, and the solar industry and may discourage other homeowners to invest in solar power.

The Solution

The best way to avoid the problem of laziness in the solar installation process is to ensure that you are working with a reliable and trustworthy solar installer in San Antonio. One of the most effective ways to do this is by doing your research on the company and reading reviews from previous customers, as well as asking for references and speaking to other homeowners who have used their services.

Another important step is to ask the solar representative to show you examples of their past solar installations where they have achieved zero electric bills for the homeowner. This will give you an idea of the installer’s track record of performance and also the number of panels they have recommended. Reliable and experienced solar installers will be more than happy to provide this information and be transparent about their process, and this will give you peace of mind and the assurance that you are working with the right company.

The Last Word

It is important to remember that choosing the right solar installer is crucial for achieving the long-term savings and benefits of solar power. A reliable installer will ensure that you are getting the right number of panels to replace your electricity consumption, and ultimately eliminate your electric bill now and far into the future, saving you money and helping the environment.

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